Karla Caves History

Caves are hollow places naturally found in the underground. The caves are high enough for a human to enter it. Karla caves are one amongst the many places to visit in Lonavala. A cave is generally built by nature by the natural weathering of huge rocks. These rocks take a form of cave and were used for multiple purposes. These are one of the ancient caves in Maharashtra. The style of this cave is mixed form of Indian and Buddhist style of rock carving. It is so said that these caves were built between two different periods. 2nd century BC and 2nd century AD and then between 5th century AD and 10th century. The archaeological survey of India has taken the charge of the Karla caves. The main hall inside the Karla caves catches your maximum attention as it is a huge hall that is beautifully carved in rock. The Karla Caves history is an enriched story of the royal India.

There are windows cut in the stone to let light enter the dark caves. They would force you to think how on earth at those times was it built? The caves are reported to build between 2nd century BC and 5th century AD. This is a long period of construction and you can feel the labour and craftsmanship. The major attraction is the huge prayer hall inside the Karla cave. From the Karla caves one can get a glimpse of various other caves in the locality. Interestingly Karli is a place in Maharashtra that marks the division of north and south India. The location is a unique proposition of these caves. They are also referred to as karle caves or karla cells. The entire complex of the cave is now under the protection of Archaeological Survey of India.


karla caves historykarla caves history

Breathtaking Places To Visit In Lonavala

It’s a beautiful stupa that’s built inside the hall. Inscriptions in the cave depict the authentication of Buddhist history here. ‘Mahasamghika’ an early Buddhist school is connected with these caves. Here in this school of Buddhism preaching was done. People used to sit and worship here. The location of the cave is serene and far from the hue and cries. The popularity of this Buddhist school was huge at those days.
There are beautiful carved windows built on the rock to let light enter. Monks used to worship here for long periods. The inscription and the sculpturing of the caves have made it a major tourist spot. The cave is definitely a must among places to visit in Lonavala.

The Buddhist ideologies are well depicted through the walls of the caves. It is situated at a high altitude in a difficult terrain, and hence it is amazing to know how it was actually build.
The main cave has a huge chaitya with almost 37 huge pillars. These pillars are octagonal in shape. The sculpture has carved male female and animal figures on the walls. Lots of prayer halls, and viharas are well decorated in the cave. The karla caves history is ancient. It is spread over a long period and hence the archaeologists have shown special interest in studying these beautiful caves.