Directions Of Karla Caves

If you are on for Lonavala tourism, Karla caves should top your check list. These are the caves situates at Karli, Lonavala. They are Buddhist shrines and were built in order to pray and provide shelter to monks. The Buddhist traders looked up to these caves as their staying place. Lonavala in Maharashtra is a magnificent hill station. It is surrounded by green valleys from all sides and houses some ancient caves.
One of the most visited caves in Lonavala are the Karla caves. They were built as a result of Buddhist interest of building shrines on the trade routes. The caves are situated at Karli in lonavala. The location of lonavala is between two major cities Mumbai and Pune. It is easily accessible from either of the major cities. Karla is about 120 Km from Mumbai and 60 Km from Pune. The terrain is tough and hence the reach to these caves are tricky at times. It is situated at an elevated terrain that needs to be climbed. Khandala and Lonavala are two famous hill stations near these caves.
By Road :
The caves can be reached by road as there are frequent options available to travel by road. Buses and private vehicles have a well-defined route. The busses are quite frequent from Lonavala. So if you reach lonavala, the Karla caves are just nearby. From Mumbai or Pune there is a good connectivity of buses. Buses plying between Mumbai and Pune generally halt at Karla.
By Train :
Lonavala is the nearest railway station. Local Malavali rail station in Bhaja village is just 5 km south to Karla town.
By air :
There is no local airport. The nearest ones are Mumbai and Pune. Once you reach Pune or Mumbai you can reach Lonavala by train or bus. Or you can hire a taxi from either of the cities. There is 20 minutes steep climbing to reach Karla and hence the choice of mode of transport should be wise. Mumbai is the nearest international airport for the foreign tourists.

lonavala tourism lonavala tourism

Distances at a glance
Lonavala to Karla caves – 11 km
Pune to Karla caves – 58 KM
Mumbai to Karla caves – 94 KM
Alibaug to Karla caves – 88 Km
Satara to Karla caves – 163 km
Nashik to Karla caves – 226 km

Lonavala tourism is actually a multi-gain experience.