Trekking At Karla Caves

If you are looking for a nice trekking experience Karla in definitely your choice. In Lonavala places to visit, Karla has its own place and trekking is not that tough in this tourism. Trekking is a fun experience and a very refreshing act. It cuts down the monotony and boosts energy in our daily routine. If you have a chance to be around Pune or Mumbai Karla is a must see.

Trekking is basically a long journey covered on foot on a difficult terrain. You are supposed to climb rocks and mountains while you are trekking. The difficulty level of trekking can be decided as per the participant’s experience. The experience of trekking counts for some days in continuation. The participants stay at the villages near the hills. It is basically getting closure to nature and managing all in the lap of the nature.
Karla caves as discussed are situated in the lap of lonavala and khandala. So if you know bit about this part of the country it is beautiful and serene. However the influx of tourists in the lonavala places to visit has increased. And hence the quite places have now turned into sprawling holiday destinations. Monsoon is the best time to visit these caves.
Young enthusiasts love to go in trekking. It rushes adrenaline. Karla is beautiful trekking caves. These are one of the best rock cut caves in Maharashtra. The govt. of Maharashtra has taken special care of maintaining these places.
The caves are not tough for trekking. It just takes a joyful heart to take up trekking to Karla. In groups lots of trekkers are seen climbing the caves. The nearby villages are supportive and pleasant to stay.
Like any other lonavala places to visit, Karla is also a beautiful destination. The cave encloses beautiful sculpture of elephants that are adorned with beautiful metal jewels and ivory tusks. This shows the skills of the experts who build these caves. The fine arts and the superb sculpture of the Buddhist inscriptions are worth a mention here.

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